Baron Samedi from ‘Live and Let Die’

6 Responses to “Baron Samedi from ‘Live and Let Die’”

  1. Just out of interest, where do you get your inspiration?:)

    • apeface Says:

      I’m not exactly sure myself. Some figures I just find irresistible. I also have this perverse drive to compile a thorough database of egg/people. My goal is to reach 12,000 eggs (1,000 dozens).

      • Wow, that is fabulous! I love the concept of your cartoons, it’s very cool!:) If you ever want any suggestions I will gladly put my two cents worth in!😉

      • Please do!

      • Ha – excellent!:) Okay, just a few and apologies if I have suggested any that you’ve already done:

        Louis Armstrong
        Steve Tyler
        Jim Morrison
        Freddie Mercury
        David Bowie (he could be good with the eyes. Can you tell I’m a music fan?😉 )

        Stephen King
        Charles Dickens
        Joyce Carol Oates
        William Shakespeare
        Toni Morrison

        I’ve tried to pick a few people with interesting looking faces.:)

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