7 Responses to “Two-Face”

  1. If you do Batman, please let me know! Hulk would be great to, Ostrich egg inside a chicken egg?

    • You know, I’ve always wondered how I should broach the subject of chickens (or any egg laying creature)? are they like gods to the eggs? I have actually done both the Hulk and Batman. Batman is the Adam West Version, though, so I may update him to Christian Bale or, my personal favorite, Michael Keaton.

      • Agree with you there, Keaton owns the cowl! How do you feel about Affleck? As a batfan I am a little nervous but like that they’re skipping yet another origin story and cutting to him in prime Batman years.

      • Whoa, whoa, whoa , Affleck is gonna be the next Batman? I don’t care for that at all.

      • Lol, you are winding me up? Kevin Smith has seen the suit and says it looks pretty cool. Heath Ledger as The Joker? I was pretty gutted when I heard, I thought the guy from Person of Interest would have been good. But you never know, he could own it. He’s certainly got a big enough chin!

      • You’ve got a good pint, but I’m still not crazy about Affleck.

      • Pushed back to 2016, now I’m worried…

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