Not having seen the movie, I wonder if some of you adventurers out there could tell me earnestly why Titanic deserves so much critical acclaim? I am genuinely asking, for you see, Titanic garners more ridicule than any other critically acclaimed movie that I know of. If anyone can give a succinct answer, I’d very much appreciate it, especially because I don’t plan on seeing it.


2 Responses to “Titanic”

  1. It bothers me that people care more about the movie than the real disaster . . .
    Whether or not the movie is good, it’s an important historical event.

  2. The main reason that it is ridiculed so much is that it was just so insanely succesful and popular. We tend to feel more justified in ridiculing things that reach such a level of uber-popularity, especially once the dust has settled and we can see more clearly that the object of everyone’s fandom actually has flaws. For example, I think it’s a decent film. Usually I’d leave it at that, but because every man and his dog were talking about it for so long (yes, dogs actually learned to speak just so they could chat about this film) I’d also add … but its over rated.

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