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Eggferno Egglection Eggstravaganza!

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Hey there, Adventurers!

We had us quite an election out ol’ San Franciskee way, and I think a lot of us are experiencing an eggs-istential crisis, particularly as Egg Lee has been elected for a second term. So the eggs and I thought that now would be the perfect time for some yolks.

ed lee

I do love my city of San Franciskee (anyone who says that it is spelled otherwise is liar), but I started to think about how it’ll change and how it has changed. That got me thinking about another place I hold dear in my heart: Hell! I thought, hell, the Eggferno is a great place to depict our beloved mayor.


I was torn between which ring of the Eggferno Egg Lee should visit, but Dante and Virgil cut me a great deal! First the mayor will visit the Avaricious, where he has to charge at others with boulders. Plenty of exercise!

ed lee avaricious

Then he’ll make his way to the thieves section of the Eggferno! Here, a snake bites a thief, and the thief turns into a snake. In order to turn back into a human, the snake has to bite another thief. What a lark!

ed lee snake pit

Finally, ol’ Eggy boy will swing by the frozen lake of Cocytus, where he stands frozen up to his neck for betraying his city. Ahhh, rest and relaxation (I took some liberties, Inferno purists)

ed lee frozen lake