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6 Responses to “CONTACT ME”

  1. Chanice Hawkins Says:

    Hiiiiiii Pete ^.^ So glad I ran into you today! I was bummed thinking I’d never see you again!

    LOOOOOOOVE the website! ^.^

  2. Hi, really like your eggy site.

    One thing, your url should be loshuevos with an ‘h’, unless it’s a yolk I just don’t get!

    Not saying this to be clever, just to let you know 😉

  3. This site is hilarious! I stumbled on it while looking up Hrotsvitha, and then spent the next half hour looking up my favorite historical figures and laughing my butt off to see how they had been cleverly transfigured as eggs. I especially loved the eggferno. Thank you so much for this!!!

  4. I love this site, just discovered it but have looked at it on everyday since! (been 4 days now :D) love it please keep going there is not enough people illustrating in the world!!

    hel xx

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